What is vrrb Media?

VRRB Media is a data and audience profiling company whose primary output is a digital advertising network connecting brands and advertisers with the highly coveted arts and culture, experiential consumer.  Other services include data insights, digital content creation for online advertising, and sponsorship cultivation.

What kind of data/audience profile does VRRB have?

VRRB has unprecedented access to the arts and culture consumer with an affinity towards actively seeking cultural experiences.  Our audience skews towards the highly affluent, educated, and professional consumer that has recently researched or purchased online – the perfect demographic for ticket-selling properties, luxury retail products and locations, travel destinations, financial services, and more.

How do you get your data?

We have a carefully curated list of world renowned partners that fall into four categories:  arts and cultural institutions, accredited museums, theatrical productions, and ticketing engines that serve those properties.  Through our partnerships, we aggregate first party data, which we will never, ever sell directly, to create an incredibly pure audience profile by placing a cookie on our partners’ site visitors.

Who are your data partners?

Now you’re being sneaky.  For privacy reasons, our data partners are confidential but rest assured that our experience in the arts and culture space has led to partnerships with names that you know and whose audience you’d love to reach.

How does the network work?

We execute digital advertising campaigns through multi-platform media including display, rich media, video/B-roll, and social.  We work with advertisers to understand their marketing objectives and then create customized campaigns to maximize results.  Throughout the campaign, we monitor and optimize, making recommendations along the way to provide you with a best-in-class solution.

How is this different than other digital advertising networks?

First, it’s important for you to know that we love digital and other digital ad networks should probably be a part of your overall strategy.  But since you asked, our secret sauce is in the purity of our data and the ability to do lookalike modeling against that data.  While other platforms will provide you with the opportunity to apply attributions to try and reach your audience, the reality is you will not be able to avoid wasted eyeballs.  With VRRB, due to our unprecedented access to this incredible audience, you reach the exact target demo you want to reach.  We consider ourselves a best-in-class top of the funnel, branding and awareness vehicle.

What does VRRB Mean?

It’s a contemporary spin on the word “VERB” which is meant to be reflective of “action” and the active lifestyle spirit of the consumers we target.  Pretty clever, right?

Why was VRRB created?

Founded by leaders in the arts and culture industry with decades of experience, VRRB was created to fill a void – the ability to reach this highly coveted consumer directly – eliminating waste and maximizing your marketing spend.

How do I get started?

Glad you asked – fill out our contact form, email us at contact@vrrbmedia.com, or call 646-652-7965 and we’d be delighted to discuss your needs and work with you to provide a customized solution.